Keys To Start A Business for Millennial Generation

business for millennial generation
business for millennial generation

Starting a business now becomes a trend in millennial generation. Because from a business, an entrepreneur can get something valuable that employee in a company didn’t get. However, there are plenty of people who still confuse how to start a business effectively.

If you are one of that people, you should read these keys to start a business.

Ready enough to be an entrepreneur

ready enough to be an entrepreneur

Starting a business actually is much harder than getting a job. Yep, you will get extra amounts of money. But, you have to face obstacles and maybe broke while run your business. You also have willing to make many sacrifices and be patiently patient about it.

Decide what kind of business

There are so many different types of businesses, of course with its own benefits and drawbacks. Choose what you really want to do. Is that manufacturing or service, business-to-business or business-to-consumer type, independent of franchise? Decide it.

Deep research your idea

Remember that business is not a race. Don’t get rush and think about gold. Just focus on what you have to do. Research and dig more about your idea. You can research about how the competition going, how the consumer get your product, are your products is valuable to a customer, how the supply and demand of your product, and etc.

Make a business plan

make a business plan

Business plan contains some questions like, purpose of the business, who are the target market, what’s the product like, competitor and product’s advantage, 7Ps marketing (Promotion, Price, Positioning, Place, People, Packaging, Process), and financial projection for the business for the next 5 years. Add all up on your business plan.

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